Father & Son

A Turkey Hunter is Born

I wanted Remington's first bird to be a memorable experience. Though we didn't get the first bird that morning, we made turkey hunting fun for him. A memorable experience he'd never forget. Remington was already talking about next spring before the day was over. What an incredible privelege it was to spend that morning with Remington and watch his eyes light up when he heard those birds gobbling. To hear his heart beating faster when he saw that first bird for the very first time. And when he remembers that first morning when he missed? It will make that first bird all the more special.

I can't tell you how happy I am for Remington to spend as much time with his hero: his dad. To have him healthy enough to traverse those trails together. I sure hope he never takes those precious opportunities for granted.

His father Jonathan has passed down his love for the outdoors to his son. The time they shared together will be etched in our memory forever. The way this hunt played out reminded us of what was most important.

The secound gobbler came in textbook that afternoon. Gobbling his head off, and strutting toward the decoy. Once he knocked the decoy over, he came up for another gobble - his very last. With his head streched out, Remington pulled the trigger. It couldn't have been a better shot.
It sure did feel good to watch Remington carry that bird out of the woods that day, especially when turkey was nearly as big as he was. It goes to show that patience and determination always pays off.

When those taillights pulled away from the ground, I knew a new turkey hunter had been born.

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